top of page -  is an independent grassroot organization that comes from the visual art community in Israel.

we designed to build, nurture and maintain a professional community of artists and promote them locally and worldwide and also to make are more accessible to the public. 

Our work revolves around the market needs and on the changing and dynamics within the contemporary art world. We are able to do that by collaborating with all "players" in the field of the visual art.

we provide information, knowledge, tools, skills, and experience / for the independent visual artist and various culture consumers.
we are in contact with a variety of independent artists as to an overall virtual presence on the internet with a website with over 10,000 participants, it has a knowledge base, calendar, newsletter, blog, etc.


we manage and curate a community of artists on Facebook with more than 9,000 participants and a Facebook page of some 4800 people and many join in each day.

We launched our project by conducting a series of nine meetings in cooperation with the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and with the Israeli fine art union. this was a successful first program. during this program, we hosted over 25 different speakers and reached more than 400 participants (Link to review of one of the meetings).

our work reflects in four areas of expertise content, knowledge, entrepreneur and project development.

We are constantly looking for professional partnerships with organizations, artists and key people working in the field of art private, academic and institutions.

We believe in the power of creativity, entrepreneurship, and community hub and we will be happy to hear from you and collaborate.

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